Nacogdoches Project Showcase

by Jessica Cervantez

From the sidewalks to a new sports complex, Nacogdoches is spending $21-million on capital improvements to enhance the city. The goal is to make Nacogdoches a safer more livable community.

The tour started at Main and University Street with the unveiling of a new sidewalk and ended at the water treatment center at Lake Nacogdoches.

With the help of Tx-Dot and a grant, Nacogdoches is able to complete a sidewalk project worth $1.3 million.

State Representative Roy Blake, Jr. said, "It is an important project that will not only benefit from a public safety issue, but from a quality of life standpoint."

The Old Poultry Plant will be demolished. The goal is to one day put a new park in its place.

Bob Dunn, the Nacogdoches mayor, said, "I can tell you at one time this was a viable industry in Nac. It offered a lot of jobs to a lot of people."

Next, Nacogdoches is bringing back the Farmers Market every Saturday until October.

The process included sidewalks, farmers markets and even improvements to Fire station 3. With new built in walls by their beds, firefighters now have a little privacy."

Ronnie Kimbrough, the asst. fire chief, said, "They have to be here for 24 hours, sometimes they don't want to lay and have to look right at each other."

But let's not leave the sports complex out, half a million dollars is being spent on improvements there.

Brian Oswald, the president of the Nacogdoches Youth Soccer Association, said, "These are adult soccer fields to expand in the future."

But, out of all the improvements being made, the most money will be spent on the $18-million water treatment project, which will basically double the water.

Many of these projects are set to continue over the next couple of years.