East Texas educators voice opposition on proposed Texas school voucher bill

East Texas educators voice opposition on proposed Texas school voucher bill
Source: KTRE
Source: KTRE

NACOGDOCHES, TX (KTRE) - Last Thursday, the Senate Education Committee voted in favor for Senate Bill 3- a priority voucher bill for both Gov. Greg Abbott and Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick.

On Sunday, educators in East Texas spoke against the bill expressing concern of what call "voucher bill on steroids".

"If you're going to start taking money out that pile of money that's there, then it's going to do more harm to public education. Public education is the biggest place where most students get their education," said Ginger Franks, a representative for Association of Texas Professional Educators.

The proposed bill has two forms of school vouchers where taxpayer money could be redirected to private or home-school options for families seeking education options outside of public school.

Advocates of the bill said private school choice offers parents an option to afford school programs which normally may be too costly.

While public educator and ATPE region 7 president Kim Dolese said money from the public school system is already under-funded.

"When we take those public tax dollars that the public insist be used to educate our children and give it to private schools or institutions who don't have the same accountability as Texas public schools, that's a bad thing for public education and it's a bad thing for the school children of Texas," Dolese said.

Teresa Millard is a teacher in Woden. She says the main reason she's against the bill is because her students don't have easy access to private school coming from a small town.

"Many of those kids are in a very rural area where private schools are not an option," Millard said. "I just want them to have the best education possible and if we pull funding from public schools that limits their options."

Many expect to see the legislation on the Senate floor.

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