Police Investigate Bizarre Vandalism

When Joe Johnson woke up Sunday morning, the eagle proudly perched atop his mailbox was spray painted bright orange and the word NINJA was stenciled in underneath it.

"I tried a pressure washer and it wouldn't come off, so I don't really know what I'm [going to] do to get it off."

Neighbors aren't sure how the vandals got into Deerfield, especially since it's a gated community.

"When you come in through the golf course and [the] gate is locked, they [have] a place where you can walk to get through so you won't have to come through the gates up there."

Investigators have no idea who's behind the graffiti, but whoever it is has been busy. Five homes on Deerfield Street alone have been hit.

Detective John Davis said, "It's not your typical gang graffiti that we're dealing with out here at all. We can't classify this as gang graffiti, right now, we're looking at it as criminal mischief. Normally, they don't use a stencil and make perfect little letters when they're doing their spray painting."

Homes aren't the only targets of the stencil suspects, Starbucks and Fox Run apartments have also been sprayed, as well as The Lufkin Mall and two cars that belong to the Angelina County Sheriff's Office.

If you know who's responsible, call the Lufkin Police Department and ask for someone in the Criminal Investigations Division.