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Broaddus residents cleaning up damage in wake of Sunday's severe storm

Source: KTRE Staff Source: KTRE Staff
Source: Payton McKenzie Williams Source: Payton McKenzie Williams
Source: KTRE Staff Source: KTRE Staff

Residents of Broaddus were picking up the pieces Monday after heavy storms caused severe damage to homes and trees in the town Sunday. 

Ronnie Martin said with the fast wind gusts, he and his daughter Amber, 7, took cover by ducking in the closet. When the rain stopped, Martin walked out to survey his property and found tree limbs that went through his home. One of the limbs went all the way to his bathroom near the closet where his daughter was taking cover. 

"We looked in her bathroom and openred the door to the toilet, and there was a limb sticking out," Martin said.

A few blocks from Martin's house, another home suffered a lot of damage. The roof of the front porch collapsed, falling in on a truck that was parked underneath and spreading debris all over the front lawn. 

Payton Williams said she was grateful to arrive home before the storms picked up speed.

"As soon as I walked in, the transformer blew and the whole house shook. Everything on the back porch pushed up against the window, and sucked it back out," Williams said.

Power lines and multiple trees fell, leaving residents without power for several hours in the afternoon.

"The RV started rocking, and I didn't know which way we should go," said Connie Bogenschutz, a resident at the Jackson Hill Marina, which is a few miles from Broaddus.

Bogenschutz said the storms caused extensive debris, uprooted trees, and huge piles of tree limbs.

Although the severe storms left behind a path of destruction, the community is picking up pieces hoping to put things back to where they belong.

"We're getting it cleaned up pretty well," said Brett Deutschman.

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