DPS, FBI investigating after threatening calls to Tenaha ISD

DPS, FBI investigating after threatening calls to Tenaha ISD

TENAHA, TX (KTRE) - Tenaha ISD officials said they have received various threatening phone calls that have led to a multiple agency investigation.

According to TISD Superintendent Scott Tyner, the phone calls, which occur the same time of day each time, have disrupted normal activities at the school.

This has led to the involvement of Tenaha police, Texas DPS, and FBI. Tyner said that they are considering the calls as a terroristic threat.

"School officials are also working diligently to make adjustments to local policy and reactions to these type of calls as well,"  Tyner said.  "These calls are most likely a hoax in nature. However, they are being taken beyond seriously and it is our intention to apprehend the person responsible for these felonious acts."

At this time, the superintendent is asking the public to trust that the proper steps are being pursued and that if they hear anything about this case, to report it to the authorities.

"Please take heart that I also have three kids here. I will do everything I can to ensure their safety as well as the safety of all of our Tenaha students and staff. There is nothing I want more at this point than to see an arrest and prosecution to the full extent of the law," Tyner said.

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