Restaurant Report - Angelina College - 04/05/17

Taqueria Viejo at 802 N. Raguet: 21 demerits for Angelina County & Cities Health District-certified manager not on site, cold hold at wrong temperature, damaged knife needed to be discarded, all scoops didn't have handles, paper towels used to store in-use utensils, dump receipts not kept on site, mobile unit door not kept closed, raw food stored above ready-to-eat food, improper date marking on food stored more than 24 hours, food containers needed for stored food, chemical test strops needed, chemical sanitizer needed, and thermometer needed.

Zesty Burger at 400 W. Frank: 8 demerits for cold hold at wrong temperature, temperature log needed for reach-in cooler, dirty knife stored on rack, scoops with handles needed, and onion basket needed to be cleaned.

Carl's Jr. at 1301 S. First: 6 demerits for scoops stored with handle in food, contents of bulk containers, paper towels needed at all hand sinks, personal drinks stored without lids, and single-service items stored on floor.

Whataburger at Timberland Drive: 4 demerits for personal drinks stored in food prep area and ice dispensers needed to be cleaned.

Tsubaki at 2301 S. First: 4 demerits for Food not stored at least six inches off the floor and personal items stored in food prep area.

Taco Bell at 2214 S. First: 3 demerits for general clean needed under fryer and water in restroom and kitchen didn't get hot enough.
Shorty's Smokehouse at 600 Finley: 2 demerits for ACCHS-certified not on site.