AC Students get advice from LPD on child safety

AC Students get advice from LPD on child safety

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - Students with the Angelina College Child and Family Development Program were given hands on experience and advise from Lufkin Police.

"Students in the program were given infant simulators," said instructor Chandra Cheshire. "It is the first time that the school has used the simulators. The infants are called real-care babies they have over 17 million programming options, and they are based on the daily care schedules from 15 real infants.  These babies have care events such as needing to be changed, burped, rocked, and fed."

Cheshire said the infant simulators have sensors that report the temperature of the baby and how long it was left in the car seats. These "babies" are also very sensitive and can have head support issues just like a real new born baby. Cheshire said.

"The babies are sent home with a diaper bag that includes two changes of clothes, bottle, diaper, and a blanket also the babies come with a car seat," Cheshire said. "Most of my students are very young early college high school students or traditional college students except for two out of 17 that are enrolled in this course."

Officer Eddie Ibarra visited with the students and showed them the proper way of putting a child in a car seat as well as the proper way of securing the car seat in a vehicle.

"These babies will be used within our Child and Family Development program which includes two certifications and an Associates Degree and also this summer we will be offering Safe Sitter camps through our community service division for students as young as 11  years old," Cheshire said. "The infant simulators will be used within these two-week classes as well as a basic knowledge of children and their development. More information about these camps can be found through our community service division.  I am hoping that through these exercises that students will realize just how challenging it is to understand the development of young children and also how very important of a job that it is."

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