11 months later, father of Houston County murder victim waiting on justice

11 months later, father of Houston County murder victim waiting on justice
Source: KTRE Staff
Source: KTRE Staff

GRAPELAND, TX (KTRE) - Lemuel Angerstein has spent the last 11 months looking for justice.

His son Christopher died last May after he was assaulted outside of the family's Grapeland home. Angerstein is hopeful that justice can soon happen with the Houston County Sheriff's Office now asking for the help from the public.

"It does bring some closure," Angerstein said. "Christopher was a loving man. He cared about people. He was one of those people that if you asked him to do something, then he would go the extra mile."

As he looked through old photographs of Christopher, Angerstein admitted sometimes he catches himself thinking about the good memories.

"I had a dream two days ago that it was so real, I didn't want to wake up," Angerstein said. "I just sat there and I hugged him. I just want to go back."

Maybe because the dream was a moment where there was no pain. Pain that has been with the Angerstein family since last May. Pain that started in Grapeland last year when Angerstein witnessed his son's beaten body.

"I was working that night with Houston County EMS and we got a call about a person having seizures," Angerstein said. "I just went into help mode, and we went out for the call. We later got a second call about the victim being somewhere else. I didn't think about it until I was pulling up to the vicinity I was then I realized it was more than likely Chris."

Angerstein said Christopher suffered from seizures and that it made sense why the call came in like that, but he said he quickly realized it was different.

"The Grapeland EMS and Police were on scene and they saw me and came up and told me it was Christopher and that I might not want to go up there. I knew then it was something more ... You know t,here are times you just want to sit there and help them, but you can't."

Angerstein's son was taken to ETMC in Tyler, and within 24 hours, he was dead. Angerstein claimed he was told on several occasions that the Grapeland authorities were treating it like a medical-related issue. Angerstein said the hospital told him the opposite.

"The doctor told me that he was hit with such blunt force that he severed his carotid artery, and he hemorrhaged in his brain," Angerstein said.

According to Houston County Chief Deputy G.P. Shearer, the sheriff's office took over the case about 75 days after the incident. They believe that it was in fact murder but are now trying to figure out who.

"Chris is like me, at the wrong place at the wrong time," Angerstein said. "I do not know what caused the assault. I'm not going to speculate, but obviously
when you assault somebody to the point that does that much damage and head trauma he had, it wasn't something you can go, 'I didn't mean to.'"

Angerstein said he is holding onto his faith and trying to look ahead and not in the past.

"You know there are times that I may not take the right steps to save someone's life," Angerstein said. "Sure there were mistakes made along the way by law enforcement. We can sit there and point fingers all day, but it does my heart good that something is happening."

Now he is just reaching out and hoping someone that knows something comes forward.

"I'd like to plead with you if you know somebody or know what happened," Angerstein said. "It;'s better to live with the consequences than live with the act that you did something that took someone else life."

Anyone with information on the case is urged to call the sheriff's office at (936) 544-2862 or Crime Stoppers at (936) 639-TIPS.

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