Residents partcipate in North Lufkin cleanup

Residents partcipate in North Lufkin cleanup

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - On Saturday a group of residents did their part in making life better in their neighborhood known as North Lufkin.

Jason Wood gathered up about 30 people with an enthusiastic, "Let's go ya'll. Let's go."

The task is motivating a group on an early morning Saturday before Easter.

Wood cheerfully greeted them with, "Good morning everybody. This is our 4th neighborhood cleanup."

North Lufkin is an older neighborhood where women sit on their porches and neighbors share flowers with one another.

"It's predominantly an African American community, but it is a very big mixed melting pot here in Lufkin. We're working together to build everyone up," said Vincent Watts.

Breaking the quietness of the Saturday morning was a sudden yell by a participant followed by a group response.

"Team One. Motivation,' they yelled. It's the cry of The Motivation Center, a neighborhood training facility which Wood, Watts and others are partners.

On Cleanup Days how much trash you can pick up carries more weight than barbells.

Achilles Hodge, a partner with The Motivation Center said, "By the parents coming out and bringing their kids and giving us all a chance to work with them as a team, it's really been a blessing to have this many people supporting each other and see a change come about."

It's the domino effect organizers were wanting.

Jeremie Berry, a partner with The Motivation Center recalled, "When we started we had a total of 15 people. The second week we had a total of 30 people. Now it's kinda hard to find streets to attack because we notice some people have started taking effort in picking up trash."

The positive movement is encroaching on the threat of high crime areas which still remain within the boundaries of North Lufkin. This group hopes their example will tell their children and neighbors, it's not where you live, but how you live.

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