High school students prepare for Angelina County Fair mechanics competition

High school students prepare for Angelina County Fair mechanics competition
Photo: KTRE
Photo: KTRE

HUNTINGTON, TX (KTRE) - As days are counting down, Marshal Beaty is making last minute touches to his livestock carrier model.

"This project is a livestock carrier that you can use to carry around animals such as small livestock, or baby steer, baby heifers," Beaty said.

The idea for this innovative carrier was born when Beaty realized the need at his home.

"Thinking about my situation, where we don't have any cattle trailers or anything like that," Beaty said. "So I thought 'hey I need to build a carrier for us' to use at our house."

Unlike most carriers, Beaty's is made up of two compartments and a detachable roof for easy cleaning.

Student-led projects will be on the floor of this year's Angelina County Fair.

A group of high school students have entered the agriculture mechanics competition in hopes of showcasing their best work.

For the past several months, Hunter Lightfoot has been working on restoring this 1943 ford tractor.

"You don't have to have money to make something look good. You can take that $30 you have to buy a bucket of paint and this is what you can do," Lightfoot said.

Lightfoot said as he showed the areas of the tractor he was working while explaining how time is slipping away

"Three to four days we have to have it done, and I'm far from do so I'm running," Lightfoot said.

Behind the hard work of these students is their teacher at Huntington High School, Robert Williams, a force of encouragement.

"From entering the competition they gain the opportunity to showcase their skills and compare their skills to other students at their same level," Williams said.

As the days are numbered, Beaty shared this message in hopes to inspire others.

"Go do it. If you're dreaming it, follow your dreams and go do it."

The Angelina County Fair starts Tuesday at the Exposition Center. Students will showcase their work Thursday morning.

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