Angelina County annual report: Crime decreases in 2016

Angelina County annual report: Crime decreases in 2016
Source: ACSO
Source: ACSO

ANGELINA COUNTY, TX (KTRE) - A recently released report from the Angelina County Sheriff's Office shows crimes have decreased in the area.

The report tabulated numbers from 2016 and compared them to 2015. Overall, the volume of crime for last year went down 16.4 percent.

Violent crimes which involve a perpetrator and a victim saw an increase of five percent, and aggravated assault saw an increase of three percent.

While the crime rate for motor vehicles went down, the number of thefts went up by six cases.

A key takeaway from the annual report - zero murders reported in the county's jurisdiction last year, while 2015 saw four murders.

"While we'd like to take credit for that, to be honest about that, it all goes back to the people in our county and how they behave," said Sheriff Greg Sanches.

In addition, burglaries, thefts and property crimes went down in their rate.

The report also highlight a key trend for last year, where most crimes peaked at the middle of the year.

"Definitely, summer time, your crimes do go up. I know our jail does go higher on population," Sanches said.

To understand the trend, Sanches has one possible theory.

"A lot of people say summer time, it goes up because, people are more out and about," Sanches said.

Sheriff Sanches said, in order to continue the efforts to reduce crime statistics, people need to report offenses at the time when they happen.

Here's a copy of the full report:

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