BYOB Rules Will Be Enforced At Concert

In a few hours, the expo center in Angelina County will be full of Clay Walker fans ready to have a good time.

There are two big reasons East Texans are talking about the concert: it'll be one of the biggest country music concerts Angelina County has ever seen and folks will be able to bring their own alcohol inside.

Tiffiany Grant said, "They shouldn't BYOB anywhere because it gets too rowdy. Things get rowdy enough as it is in clubs and parties, so I don't think it should be allowed."

Others don't see why so many people are against BYOB events.

Monica Weeks said, "It shouldn't matter, as long as everybody can go and have a good time and be civilized about it."

Those against alcohol altogether say age isn't the problem.

"Christian people are out there and they try to make it a dry county, so it's not good for any of our kids," Teresa Erbey said.

It cost about a hundred thousand dollars to bring Clay Walker to Lufkin. Even though alcohol is allowed, concert promoters promise it's a family event and the concert was approved way ahead of time by the county.

Flint Thompson said, "I guess everybody had the misconception that we were doing it ourselves and we didn't ask anybody. The county [approved] it and they wanted a certain percentage of the cooler charges, and they're getting a percentage of the cooler charges for the night, so we're not making all the money off of it. The county's making a good portion of the proceeds from the cooler charge, also."

About 40 sheriff's deputies will work security at the concert. They'll be making concert safety a top priority.

The Clay Walker concert starts at 7:00 p.m. Saturday at the George Henderson Expo Center. Rules will be strictly enforced.

There's a $10 charge per cooler and a maximum of 28 quarts allowed per cooler.

No glass containers are allowed inside the concert and anyone who gets kicked out of the concert will not get a refund.