Restaurant Report - Angelina County - 04/20/17

Huntington Speed Mart at 191 U.S. Highway 69 North: 12 demerits for ice dispenser at fountain drink machine needed to be cleaned, microwave needed to be replaced, pest control needed to be increased, general clean needed behind shelves, cabinets, and floor near window needed, three-compartment sink needed, damaged ceiling tile needed to be repaired, ice scoop not store on clean rack or container, and soap and disposable towels needed at restroom hand sink.

Chen's China Inn at 302 S. Timberland Drive: 9 demerits for domestic food containers needed to be taken out of service, vent above dish washer needed to be repaired or replaced, ceiling near walk-in cooler needed to be painted or sealed, hot hold at wrong temperature, and food not stored in clean container or wrapper.

Popeye's at 1106 S. Timberland Drive: 1 demerit for personal drinks needed lids and they were not stored separately from the food prep area.

TOME Catering at 1901 FM 842: 0 demerits.

Smoothie King at 4505 S. Medford Drive: 0 demerits.

Sonic at 407 U.S. Highway 69 North in Huntington: 0 demerits.