San Jacinto Day statue unveiled in Nacogdoches

NACOGDOCHES, TX (KTRE) - A statue honoring the men who fought in the Texas Revolution from the District of Nacogdoches was unveiled today.

The seven-foot bronze sculpture of a Texas Revolutionary soldier aptly titled "Running to the Fight" is prominently displayed on Main Street.

Friends of Historic Nacogdoches, Inc. present the gift to a community and to the late Charles Bright.

"Charles Bright, the founder of the Bright Foundation and we all know Charles Bright, he was Mr. Nacogdoches, put in his will he would like to see a statue of a Texas Revolutionary soldier and he would like all the names put on a plaque," said Jeff Abt, the president of the Friends of Historic Nacogdoches Inc.

Now descendants will have an image to accompany the stories that have been passed down for generations.

"I will bring all my children, all of my grandchildren, all of their friends and just tell them how important it was the action that was taken to make us a free state," said Wanda Coats, a descendent of a soldier of the Texas Revolution.

The sculptor is Harry Weber of Kansas City. This is his third statue that joins six others commissioned by the Friends of Historic Nacogdoches.

"There's more statues per capita here than anybody," Weber said. "I love their affection for history. As a veteran I like to depict somebody that is actually going into a fight."

Weber wants the viewer to notice the soldier is changing direction, perhaps a lifesaving maneuver in battle.  An eye for detail will notice the Tennessee rifle used by early Texans or perhaps the wide brim hat worn 181 years ago.

"A sculpture tells the story 24/7," Abt said. "The story is told right there in front of you in three dimensions."

And constantly introducing history to every viewer.

Researchers created a list of 194 names of Texas Revolutionary veterans from Nacogdoches County. Anyone who may have an ancestor who fought for Texas freedom and was left off the plaque is encouraged to contact Friends of Historic Nacogdoches.

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