SFA Early Childhood Lab: Emphasizes education starts at young age

SFA Early Childhood Lab: Emphasizes education starts at young age
(Source: KTRE)
(Source: KTRE)

NACOGDOCHES, TX (KTRE) - Stephen F. Austin State University's Early Childhood lab is teaming up with an East Texas head start program to emphasize the importance of education to begin at a young age.

Monique Cossich has a family of six, and two of her children are adopted.

"I couldn't have children naturally. So my husband and I felt like we both had fantastic childhoods and we wanted to share that with children, so we decided to adopt through the foster care system," Cossich said.

Education is the key to help children develop explains Cossich at Festival Park in Nacogdoches on Saturday.

"They get to learn things, what expectations are, and I think the earlier we can start with children, the more successful they will be in life," Cossich said.

However, to bring that success requires proper resources, different than those embraced in the past.

"Long time ago they use to think, just watch the babies and baby-sit and that's all they needed," said Lori Harkness, with SFA Early Childhood Lab.
But as times have changed, Harkness said the little brains require more attention and information which children can process very early.

"Kids are the most important thing and the resource that we have. So we've got to continue to focus on them, and their learning so as they take over," Harkness said.  "As we get older, they would be able to take over our communities in a positive way."

Elementary student Ian Reed, 8, couldn't agree more.

"If there was no education in our life, we couldn't really be able to do anything," Reed said.

The mother explains that if we start the learning process at a younger age, then the children have a better chance of success.

"If we can help children be target early on, that's going to help them be good citizens," Cossich said.

The SFA school lab have scheduled events all next week for more activities such as these.

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