Answers to General Patio Questions

Can I use patio stone for doing my driveway?
Patio Stone is not a paver and is should be used in pedestrian patio or walkway applications. Pavestone's Patio Stone products are the strongest in the industry and typically test about 4,000 psi. to 5,000 psi. But Patio Stone is just not made to the high standards that concrete pavers are and can not be used in a vehicular application.

Do I install Patio Stone like concrete pavers are installed?
There is a difference in installing Patio Stone and concrete pavers. The Patio Stone installation doesn1t require the same amount of base preparation and you typically compact or wet the bedding sand when you install Patio Stone instead of using a compactor on the product.

Can the Patio Stone sizes and colors be mixed to make a pattern?
You can mix and match many of the colors and sizes of the Patio Stone's to make a pattern. Many times you can just mix the stone top with the smooth type or smooth with the brickface type to make some interesting patterns in your patio. Also, keep in mind that the 12 in. square can be a nice border stone with either the 16 in. square or the 18 in. square.