Experts Have Advice For Trash Burners

The weather we've been having in East Texas lately is ideal for taking a dip in the pool, but hot, dry conditions are also perfect for sending grass fires out of control.

Volunteer fireman, Travis Newton, said, "With no rain - no moisture in the ground - the underbrush is very, very tender right now and catches on fire real easy; with the dry conditions, the fire is waiting to happen."

East Texas rainfall is way below average this year. The ground is so dry, it won't take long for grass to catch fire and for that blaze to spread.

If you have to burn trash, here's some smart advice to keep your fire from getting out of hand.

"By all means, stay with it," Newton said. "We have a lot of people walking away from the fires once they start them, and then sure enough, an aerosol can blows up in the trash can and catches the place on fire."

The same advice goes for fireworks.

Chris Rhodes said, "Just make sure you shoot them out of the containers they come in [and] follow the instructions on them. Always have a bucket of water if you're in a dry space; basically, don't point them at each other, that'll keep you safe."

And remember, shooting fireworks within city limits is against the law. You should go out into the county to avoid getting a ticket.

In addition to fireworks and burning trash, you should never leave a lit barbecue pit unsupervised. Many fires are started by ash flying into nearby grass and starting a blaze.

Simple advice to follow this weekend, and for the hot dry days ahead this summer.