Man Who Disappeared Was On Various Medications

Tommy Lee, Jr.
Tommy Lee, Jr.

Cherokee County authorities are still looking for a man who wandered away from home last weekend.

Tommy Lee, Jr. is on various medications. He walked away from his caregiver's home south of Alto near Highway 69.

He was last seen wearing a dark T-shirt and dark jeans. Lee may also have a blue and white hooded shirt with him.

Lee has gray hair and brown eyes. He's 5'7" and weighs about 147 pounds. Lee also walks with a limp.

If you've seen him or know where he is, call the Cherokee County Sheriff's Office at (903) 683-2271.

Taking care of a sick family member can be difficult and frustrating, especially if that person tends to wander off.

Michael Davis, administrator for Southland Health Care, said, "We really need to plan ahead if we're going to try to keep our loved ones at home, but generally, the best place for them to be is in a secure unit, cared for by professional health care workers."

Many nursing care facilities have restricted access, but for Alzheimer's and dementia patients, that may not be enough.

"They're just like small children. You don't leave them in the front yard unattended, next to a busy highway. Your house needs to be secured. It's great if you have a perimeter that is fenced - small barriers to prevent them from leaving the property quickly."

Watching over an elderly relative with health problems is a noble, but big responsibility. Fortunately, it's one you don't have to take on alone.

If you can't afford a private nursing facility for your loved one, you can apply for help through the state's medicaid program.