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Gift of Love: Jacob

Jacob is looking for the Gift of Love. Jacob is looking for the Gift of Love.
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It was an afternoon of playing with snakes and other more cuddly animals at Petland for Jacob and me. 17-year-old Jacob is in the 11th grade and really enjoys school. Jacob has a kind heart and enjoys many sports, especially baseball.

"The best thing I have this year is baseball," Jacob said.

Jacob does have some developmental delays and is in classes to help him succeed. Jacob works at a summer camp, helping clean up and keep things in order. This is a job you can tell he takes pride in when he talks about it. When not in school or at work, Jacob likes to do what most boys his age enjoy doing.

"Listen to music and watch T.V.," Jacob said.

He also likes to play video games. As for his three wishes, Jacob has a wide variety of wishes.

"The first a driver's license, a snake and play ball," Jacob said.

But above all that, Jacob hopes to find a forever family before he ages out of care. He would love a family that likes to be outside.

"I like the country best," Jacob said.

He is currently living a rural setting in a foster home and he greatly likes that kind of atmosphere. Jacob looks forward to spending time with his family doing normal every day things.

"Vacations, out to eat, movies, bowling and deer hunting, whatever," Jacob said.

Jacob has a great love for outdoors and told me he has never been camping or deer hunting but wants to someday. But more importantly, Jacob is looking for a family to show him the Gift of Love.

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