99 problems, home runs aren't one; AC softball sets new 99 home run team record

99 problems, home runs aren't one; AC softball sets new 99 home run team record

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - If the Angelina College softball team's got 99 problems, hitting a softball isn't one of them.

60 games and 99 home runs later, the Lady Roadrunners have shattered their previous record of 76 homers set last year.

"We were expecting some big stuff. The coaches came together and predicted over 100 on the season so it's going exactly as planned so far," said Angelina College head softball coach Mark Mattson.

"We've been working a lot on pitch selection, making sure we're hitting the right ball, hitting hard and I feel like throughout the season our pitch selection has gotten much better. That's why our home runs have gotten up to 99," said Kaylee Parker who has 16 home runs this season.

There's been a friendly competition all season within the team to see who can finish with the most home runs.

"They come in and tell the other person straight up and say, 'That's 18 for me, now what do you got?' Our lineup is so exciting to watch even when I'm coaching the bases. Everyone that comes up can hit one out," said Mattson.

Kali Holcomb currently leads the team with 18 home runs.

"If I hit one, I'll come back in and say, 'Alright, now you got to hit one and catch back up.' It's about whoever can get the most by the end of the season," said Holcomb. "I have 18 but they're right behind me."

Knowing that they're one blast away from the big 100 has been in the back of everyone's mind, and of course, there's some healthy competition between the team to see who will reach the milestone.

"All of us obviously want to get the 100th one but it's getting pretty competitive. Every time we hit one, we come in the dugout and say, 'Come on. Who's next? Let's do it,'" said Parker.

"The whole team has pressure on them like, 'Oh, I got to be the one. Everyone will remember the 100th,'" said Holcomb.  

The 100th homer isn't the only thing AC will be chasing. They're hosting a competitive regional tournament this weekend, but at home the Lady Roadrunners are 19-4.

"There's going to be things that define one game and there's going to be one play that's defines a game that determines who's going to win," said Parker. "It's whoever makes that play or whoever makes the first error, they're going to be out."

Angelina College will open tournament player against San Jacinto on Saturday starting at 5:30 p.m.

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