Houston County jury sentences man involved in Lovelady bank robbery to 45 years

Houston County jury sentences man involved in Lovelady bank robbery to 45 years

CROCKETT, TX (KTRE) - A Houston County jury sentenced one of the suspects in the armed robbery that occurred at the Lovelady State Bank in December of 2015 to 45 years in a Texas Department of Criminal Justice prison.

The jury found Alonso Donell Irving, 28, of Houston, guilty of first-degree felony aggravated robbery Thursday.

Donna Gordon Kaspar, Houston County's district attorney, said in a press release that jury selection for the trial started Tuesday. The state started presenting its evidence later Tuesday afternoon.

"Alonso Irving was one of the three armed and masked individuals who entered Lovelady State Bank at approximately 10:30 a.m. on December 17, 2015," Kaspar said "He, along with Ryan Scott and Allus Hubbard, entered the bank with guns drawn. Allus Hubbard went to the left side of the bank lobby subduing all employees he encountered and Alonso Irving did the same on the right side of the lobby while Ryan Scott jumped over the teller counter and grabbed the teller."

Kaspar said Scott repeatedly hit the teller with his pistol and demanded money while he was forcing the teller to the back of the bank. When Scott saw the bank's bookkeeper on the phone, he let the teller go and grabbed the bookkeeper, the press release.

"He struck her in the head with his pistol and forced her back to the teller window to get the money that was in the drawer there," Kaspar said. "Then the three men quickly left the bank heading south towards Trinity."

Kaspar said Trinity was far as the men got before deputies and police officers spotted them. She said one of the bank employees had followed the purple car the men had left the bank in and had noticed that the men had switched to a red car.

"He alerted law enforcement, who set up in Trinity to watch for the red car," Kaspar said. "After a short car chase, all three robbers ran from the red car, but only two got away. Allus Hubbard was apprehended after a short foot chase."

During the trial, Hubbard testified to the role that he and the other men played in the robbery, Kaspar said. She explained that Hubbard told the jury that Irving was wearing a gray bandana on his face, and he had Nike gloves on.

"The security video from the bank confirmed that one of the robbers had on Nike gloves and a gray bandana," Kaspar said. "DNA testing confirmed that Alonso Irving's DNA was on both the gloves and the gray bandana."

When Texas Ranger Steven Jeter processed the scene where Hubbard was arrested, he found a black sports bag that contained two handguns, two bandanas - one red and one gray, and three pairs of gloves,  and other items of clothing, Kaspar said. One of the pairs of gloves had the Nike brand on them, she said.

"Mr. Hubbard's testimony along with the DNA evidence was enough to convince the jury of Mr. Irving's guilt," Kaspar said. "After finding the defendant guilty, the jury heard evidence that Mr. Irving was on a deferred adjudication probation for money laundering when he committed the bank robbery."

Kaspar said Irving had served one year and three months of his probation for the money laundering charger when he took part in the Lovelady bank robbery.

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