Lufkin man gets 8-year sentence for knife attack

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - A Lufkin man accepted an eight-year prison sentence Friday in connection to an August incident in which he was found dressed only in his underwear after he had attacked another man.

District Judge Bob Inselmann approved the plea bargain for Edward Bentley Jr., 50.

Bentley was arrested after an incident deputies were called out to at Brook's Gas Station on State Highway 103 east of Lufkin on the morning of Aug. 20.

A victim told deputies that he was in the area of FM 1475 and FM 326 when he stopped at a stop sign. The victim stated that a male later identified as Bentley jumped into the car and started screaming that someone was trying to kill him.

The victim stated he got scared and turned onto SH 103 and headed to Brooks to get help. The report continued that Bentley got in the back seat and started stabbing the roof of the interior with a knife. The victim told deputies that Bentley then turned the knife on him and started attacking his ear and neck.

When deputies arrived at Brook's, they found the victim in his car and Bentley in the middle of SH 103 yelling. Bentley was only wearing his underwear at the time.

Markings found in the car and on the victim were consistent with the story told. Bentley also told deputies on scene that there was someone hiding behind the gas pump ready to shoot someone.

The report continued that later on that morning, the victim called deputies and said he found what appeared to be Bentley's clothes on the side of the road. The clothes had blood on them and appeared to be consistent with markings found on Bentley.

Once Bentley was in custody, his father called the deputies and said he just came home, and it appeared his son cut himself with a knife and smeared blood across the room. Lenderman said it was at this time that Bentley was also talking to a deputy at the jail and said he had killed three people including his father.

Bentley later tested positive for meth.

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