Pantry shelves running low as summer programs approach for Lufkin non-profits

Pantry shelves running low as summer programs approach for Lufkin non-profits

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - Lufkin non-profits are reminding people that summer months are just as important for donations as the holiday season.

CISC Director Yulonda Richard said the donations pick up in the holiday season. Richard also pointed out that May is also an important month for donations.

"May and June are important because you have to think about the kids on free or reduced lunch don't have that to fall back on all summer long," Richard said.

The non-profit that distributes food for the East Texas Food Bank prepares meals to go home with over 400 students for weekend meals in the school year. In the summer, those number increase significantly.

"The 21-meal program is vital to our kids in the summertime," Richard said. "We serve about 800 kids a week and we give them three meals a day for every day in the summer."

That means over 16,000 meals have to be prepared. Richard said it is not just food donations that are needed, Richard said volunteers are also important.

"CISC is open all year long so we are pushing food out of here as fast as we can get it," Richard said.

CISC is not the only ones looking for donations.

"We provide three meals a day and two snacks to all the residents in our shelter," said Family Crisis Center Director Heather Kartye.

The Family Crisis Center serves on a much smaller scale, but the need for those that call the shelter home is just as important.

"Many of those that come to out emergency shelters simply come with the clothes on their back, so our agency has to provide everything for them," Kartye said. "Right now, we have 32 people in our emergency shelter.

Kartye said that the winter months always bring in donations, but now those shelves are becoming less crowded.

"This time of year, our donations are dwindling so we could use some before the summer months begin," Kartye said.

Both groups said they will gladly accept donations during normal business hours.

Both groups are hoping that whatever donations they get, the people realize the good they are doing. The Crisis Center is also hoping a big sale at their As is Resale shop will help out. The shelter is closing down the shop, so they can put their effort into their new  store on Daniel McCall Drive. The last day for the old resale shop is May 6. The store will be open from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Everything inside has been marked down to a really good price.

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