Business owner becomes first female mayor of Crockett

Business owner becomes first female mayor of Crockett
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CROCKETT, TX (KTRE) - Joni Clonts can now add mayor to the running list of titles she has to her name.

At age 56, Clonts owns two businesses in Crockett, is a mother to two children and a grandmother to three. On Saturday she beat Billy "Hollywood" Groves 587-397. Clonts is replacing Robert Meadows who announced earlier this year he would not be running for mayor again.

"It has not hit me yet," Clonts said. "I think when I am sworn in Next Monday, I think that is when it will probably hit me. I never thought about it. I just want to help out my city and the people that live here.

A Look at any of the walls of Clonts' Moosehead Cafe and you can see it doesn't take long for politics to take over.
It's home to the Republican Party of Houston County. Clonts said she has been the chairperson of the party for 17 years. The 56 year-old business owner will be the first female mayor in the town's 180 year history.

"I want to try to do something for my city," Clonts said. "I really do care about my City. Crockett is a good place. We have the forest, we have the trinity River. People come from all over the country to come here."

Clonts moved to Crockett in 1992 but has deep roots in the city. Her mother and father were raised in Crockett and both owned businesses. Clonts believes a s a business owner she can bring a good understanding on how to help the economic center of a county that is considered one of the poorest in the state,

"I know what it is like to be up and down,  and like any small business it is hard sometimes," Clonts said. "We do need businesses coming in because that is how we get revenue and build our tax base.

While she is not making a big deal of her victory, those that eat her food are.

"It is a big stepping stone and a milestone for our community," Darryl Bennett said.

Clonts is promising to be able to put party lines aside and only focus on what is best for the community.

"I represent everyone in this town so no matter who they are or what they are we are going to work together," Clonts said.

Clonts will be sworn in as Crockett Mayor on May 15 at 6 pm during the city council.

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