Angelina College to implement campus carry on August 1

Angelina College to implement campus carry on August 1
Source: KTRE Staff
Source: KTRE Staff

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - In August 2016, public universities across Texas implemented a new law permitting licensed handgun owners to carry concealed weapons on most locations on campus, including classrooms.

However, that law doesn't go into effect for community colleges until August 1 this year.

With an extra 12 months to put rules in place, the Angelina College Board supported policies decided on by Dr. Michael Simon, the college's president. As a result, AC will begin implementing changes.

"I think we're ready to implement it for this to go into effect starting August 1 this year," said Steve Hudman, the dean of student affairs, who is also the chairman of the campus carry committee.

Since last October, the campus carry committee has been researching the rules and regulation from neighboring universities to learn how to apply it on campus.

"The board had a copy of the recommendation that Dr. Simon had created after recommendations from the committee and they didn't have any amendments to the policy at that time," Hudman said.

The state law allows individuals with a handgun license to conceal carry a loaded firearm on campuses. There are some exceptions to conceal carry including polling places, place of worship, and athletic events.

Students on both end of the spectrum voiced their reaction as they get comfortable with the law.

As the law goes into effect Hudman said there won't be big changes.

"There's not going to be any kind of permanent signage placed anywhere on campus," Hudman said. "We'll have to report back to the state every other year for compliance purposes."

In addition, Hudman said licensed handgun owners go through extensive training in their classes to understand the laws. His message to the community and students is to follow the law.

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