Numerous Deep East Texas Jack-in-the-Box restaurants closed temporarily

Numerous Deep East Texas Jack-in-the-Box restaurants closed temporarily

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - Several East Texas Jack-in-the-Box locations have been closed for the past several days, but those closures appears to only be temporary.

A sign on the front of the Jack-in-the-Box location on Frank Avenue at the loop in Lufkin stated the closure is not permanent and that the restaurant is under new management.

Another sign also states that they are looking for anyone with best food experience to apply for jobs.

We knocked on the door several times trying to get answers, but no one answered.

Brian Lufscomb, a spokesman for Jack-in-the-Box, said the two restaurants in Lufkin, the one in Nacogdoches, and the one in Diboll are all owned by the same franchisee. Lufscomb said Bernie Morrissey, who had 31 Jack-in-the-Box locations in Central and East Texas, was non-compliant in a couple of areas.

The restaurants had building and maintenance issues, Lufscomb said. He also said Morrissey owed money to Jack-in-the-Box and didn't do the proper maintenance to make sure everything was operating correctly.

"We didn't hire the employees, but they'll need to be re-hired by the company," Lufscomb said. "But there are plenty of good employees, and we'd like to keep as many as possible."

Lufscomb said Jack-in-the-Box will take over operation of the 31 restaurants, and they hope to re-open the stores later this month.

The 31 restaurants will go back on sale at a later date. Lufscomb said Jack-in-the-Box will be looking for a quality franchisee to take over operation of the restaurants.

Morrissey was listed as the CEO for the J&D Restaurant Group LLC, which was based in Dallas. According to a story that appeared on the website in September of 2011, the franchise finance division of GE Capital, provided $13.2 million to the J&D Restaurant Group Inc. for the purchase of 37 Jack-in-the-Box restaurants in Central and East Texas.The J&D Restaurant Group was founded in 2010.

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