Nacogdoches woman offers mother-like comfort to students in community

Nacogdoches woman offers mother-like comfort to students in community
Jessica McGee, left, and Linda Davis, right. (Source: KTRE)
Jessica McGee, left, and Linda Davis, right. (Source: KTRE)

NACOGDOCHES, TX (KTRE) - On this Mother's Day, current and former Stephen F. Austin University students honor a woman who plays the role of a mother to many when their own mother is miles away.

"She's just really attentive to everybody's needs, not just one persons," said Jessica McGee, a former student and now an art teacher.

McGee recalls the qualities of Linda Davis, whom many people loving call Mama D. She said Davis is a mother-like figure in her life.

"Mama D is one of those moms who extends a helping hand wherever she can," McGee said. "She will give her life to any of us even though we're not her biological kids. We're just students passing through."

During her time at SFA, when her own mother was miles and miles away, McGee often found herself needing some warmth and comfort. Something a recent grad, Alyssa McFarland, said she can relate to during moments of loneliness.

"My family not being here and I kind of was feeling alone. I'm kind of prideful so I don't like to talk to people about stuff like that," McFarland said. "But us meeting, Mama D kind of wore me down because I would end up talking to her about stuff I was dealing with internally."

For that reason, many in the community say Davis is like a second mother. But as any mother, Davis said she just want to give love and provide warmth.

"I like to show people love every day because I never know when my night is coming," Davis said. "I don't know when I'm not going to be able to show that love. So while I have the opportunity I show people that care."

Care which Zyon Jones, 8, cherishes the most.

"She helps when we're going through bad times. She feeds us. She does a lot stuff for us," Jones said.

Learning lessons from Mama D, McGee aspires to be like her one day.

"We cannot imagine college without her," McGee said.

The women said the biggest lesson they learned from Davis is how to love others without expecting anything in return.

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