Restaurant Report - Lufkin - 06/30/05

Taco Bell on South Timberland in Lufkin got 21 demerits. The reason: employees were touching their faces and not washing their hands afterwards, the floor was dirty, and there was food on the floor in the walk-in cooler. There were flies in the restaurant and no soap or towels at the handsinks.

McDonald's on South Timberland in Lufkin got 11 demerits for not having food handler's certificates. There were tomatoes on the floor and the ice machines were dirty.

LifeCheck Fountian on Ellis Street in Lufkin got 10 demerits for a dirty ceiling, walls, and floor. The handsinks were being used for more than washing hands and towels were needed at the handsinks.

Several restaurants got perfect scores. Congratulations to Kentucky Fried Chicken, Huntington Meat Market and Deli, and Cherry's Deli in Lufkin. All these restaurants got zero demerits.