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Deaf Lawton Chick-Fil-A employee gets surprise from co-workers

(Source Angie Jones, Chick-Fil-A Employee) (Source Angie Jones, Chick-Fil-A Employee)

LAWTON, OK (KSWO) -A video that will bring you to tears, caught on camera right here at the Chick-Fil-A in Lawton is going viral. It shows Chick-Fil-A employees singing and signing happy birthday, in sign language, to a deaf co-worker.

 James Knottek and his mother were speechless and just thankful that James has people and a workplace that truly care for him, despite his disability. James says he wants to inspire others that no matter what you face in life, you can always make the best out of it.

A sight James Knottek never thought he'd see...people he works with communicating his way.

"I've never seen that in my life," said James Knottek. "I've never had that experience before. For everybody, taking their time and their effort to learn something that makes me feel so cherished. It's just a blessing."

It brought everyone, including the employees to tears.

"After work, I was on my way home and I was just crying," said Knottek. "I was so happy. I was thanking God they let me have this experience."

James has been deaf since he was about 18 months old. He has worked at the Chick-fil-a in Lawton for over two years now cleaning the kitchen and cooking. He says it's his passion and does his job so well, the other employees call him Captain Cleaner or Captain America.

Angie Jones, the Director of Culture at the Lawton Chick-Fil-A says she Youtubed how to sing happy birthday in sign language and then taught the rest of their team before he got to work. She says it was the least she could do to make James feel loved.

"I wish I had an entire team full of James's to be honest with you," said Jones. "He works so hard. He does such a good job. He has a lot of pride in his work."

Liza Knottek, James's mother says her son has always exceeded their expectations on what he can and can't do in life, but she never thought other people would take the time to see him with the same love and compassion they do.

"I've never had anyone go out of their way to make him feel so special on their own without being encouraged to say hey, you know, this is James, this is who he is," said Liza Knottek. "They found that out on their own and they did this on their own. I'm just so blessed beyond imagine."

James has a special message for those with disabilities just like him that go through challenges everyday that no one else understands.

"That there is hope," said Knottek. "There's a lot of people suffering right now in this world and they have disabilities like I do that struggle and they shouldn't give up, keep going, keep trying."

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