East Texas IT experts remain vigilant in wake of Ransomware cyber attacks

East Texas IT experts remain vigilant in wake of Ransomware cyber attacks
Source: KTRE Staff
Source: KTRE Staff
Source: KTRE Staff
Source: KTRE Staff

NACOGDOCHES, TX (KTRE) - The latest Ransomware threat is keeping Internet Technology experts watchful right here in East Texas.

East Texas News visited Nacogdoches Medical Center where IT specialists are protecting much more than just computers.

At so many corporations, but particularly hospitals, visitors to the Information Systems Department are met by a locked door.

Top administrator Ian Gibson even needs permission to enter.

"It's a secured facility," said Gibson, the hospital's assistant administrator and director of business development. "Very few people are allowed in. Even my credentials don't get me back here."

IT specialists take no chances. They know hospitals are prime targets for Ransomware attacks.

"Hospitals are definitely prone to paying out quickly because they need that patient information quickly for sometimes life and death decisions," Gibson said.

Employees are on edge too. They're not wanting to be the one known to let the malware in.

What about the threat of offering free WIFI service to customers by corporations just about everywhere? Here at Medical Center they service will continue. They have that much confidence in their cyberware protection.

The warnings are still issued. They apply to large corporations, like Tenet, right down to the home computer.

"Don't open an e-mail from someone you don't know," Gibson said. "I know that can be challenging sometimes, but that's really one of the best precautions. And if something really looks suspicious, really think about it."

And remember, further cyberattacks are likely.

"There's always going to be risks out there, so just remaining vigilant daily is what's important," Gibson said.

The Department of Homeland Security said Monday that only a limited number of U.S. companies were hit over the weekend. Computers lacking the latest security update are the most vulnerable.

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