Surveillance videos show power of winds that hit Crockett on May 11

Surveillance videos show power of winds that hit Crockett on May 11
Source: Stephen Stringer
Source: Stephen Stringer

CROCKETT, TX (KTRE) - Three videos that were recently posted to You Tube give a glimpse of just how powerful and damaging the winds that buffeted the Crockett area the May 11 storms were.

Stephen Stringer posted the surveillance videos on Thursday. One is titled "Crockett Truck Center 'Grand Opening,'" and the other two are titled "NAPA Parts Store stock rotation."

In the first surveillance video, the winds blow the Crockett Truck Center's metal bay doors open like they're made of paper.

A second video shows the wind blowing merchandise and paper all over the interior of Crockett's NAPA Parts store, which is located at 1407 E. Loop 304.

Another shows the wind blowing the store's ceiling tiles down.

Other Crockett locations received wind damage as well. The sign for the town's TSC store was damaged, and authorities said five small portable buildings near Loop 287 were blown into a nearby field. A tree hit a house in Crockett, but the woman inside wasn't injured.

The storms that blew through Crockett om May 11 also hammered other locations throughout Deep East Texas.

A damage survey by a National Weather Service crew indicated that an EF-2 tornado hit the Garrison area. The tornado had estimated wind speeds of 111 to 135 mph.

According to the survey team, the EF2 tornado touched down southwest of Garrison along Highway 59, before moving through downtown Garrison. Several businesses along Highway 59 corridor sustained roof damage, including what had once been a dentist office, a bank, and what appeared to be an auto repair shop.

The dentist office was particularly hard hit, which was one of the first damage indicators to rate this tornado an EF-2. The auto shop sustained significant roof damage, which consisted of outer cinder block walls collapsing, which was another damage indicator to rank this an EF-2.

According to their findings, a secondary area of EF2 damage occurred in the southeast corner of Rusk County along Highway 59, where the tornado tore through a chicken farm, destroying one chicken coop with all chickens lost and damaging 5 others. The tornado also snapped several power poles in this area.

The tornado stayed on the ground and tracked a little over four-and-a-half miles before it lifted just beyond County Road 4759, which is about four miles to the west-southwest of Timpson.

Several homes sustained roof damage from snapped or uprooted trees, and at least 20 outbuildings were damaged or destroyed.

The most destructive tornado damage happened north of Garrison at a cattle and poultry operation owned by Lane Barton.

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