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Jeff Davis Parish police juror wants to end illegal trash dumping


A Jeff Davis Parish police juror is challenging his colleagues to help find a solution to an ongoing problem in the parish: the illegal dumping of trash on roads. 

Juror Bradley Eastman wants to see an end to the increase of illegal dumping on the roads in the parish. He recently ran the idea by the other jurors at last week's police jury meeting. 

Eastman said the problem is becoming more visible by the day, especially on roads in his district, like Touchet and Monger. 

"I know our people are tired of it," said Eastman. "Let's get together as a team and as a parish and prevent this from happening anymore."

Eastman also said stopping the dumping is important because the trash can cause issues with drainage during floods. 

The roads are in isolated areas, making them difficult to see through at night, which becomes more convenient for dumpers. 

Eastman said residents who see illegal dumping should record or take pictures of license plate numbers and report violators.

"We've got to do something to get our parish, our people behind this," said Eastman. 

Eastman explained that potential consequences for the illegal dumping could be a fine and possibly even jail time if violators are caught more than once.

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