Helping Others A Combined Effort

Teenage volunteers for the United Methodist Army put the finishing touches on a new porch. Just a fraction of the army's service work.

Site coordinator Ken Kaufman said, "This is our 27th or 28th year and we're probably got over 4,000 people out in the State of Texas doing this."

Service work requires combined efforts. In Nacogdoches Pilgrim's Pride C-E-O Bo Pilgrim funded three projects to serve Hispanic families. The Hispanic advocacy group HACER chose the homes. Director Ivonne Perez said, "I think that it is very important in showing support and some kind of gratitude for the people who are in need."

Love In The Name Of Christ coordinated it all. Director Roger Aker said, "It happens periodically. I wish I could say it happens all the time, every week, but there are highlights on a fairly regular basis where they get pretty intense."

Along the way leadership development and spiritual growth occur. A volunteer said, "It was fun. First time I've ever been to one of these things. I had a lot of fun. Got to know other people too." Another said, "And this is a great feeling knowing you've helped someone."

Such as Aurora Marroquin who stood on her new front porch showing her gratitude. "I'm so grateful for all of you for doing this for me. Cause I don't know when I would be able to redo my porch. I have been working this year. I had surgery a year ago and hadn't worked. My porch had to wait. This is a blessing and I thank you all very much for it."

The UM Army said they get far more than they give.