Restaurant Report - Nacogdoches - 5/25/17

Star Food Mart and Grill, 107 North Street: 19 demerits for discarded numerous dairy-based items that have improper cold hold temperatures, sandwiches need use-by dates, need test strips for three-compartment sink, one employee needs to be certified food manager, other employees need state food handler certificate, repair cooler, recalibrate thermometer, provide thermometers for sandwich cooler, keep walls, floors and cooking equipment clean and sanitary, keep dumpster lids closed and back of store clean.

Posada's Cafe, 1315 North St.: 12 demerits for relabel spray bottles, provide thermometer for salsa cooler by tortilla maker, provide paper towels for handwash sink, repair several handwash sinks, discarded two spatulas, keep dumpster lid closed, need shield guard for light, repair any floor areas that are not smooth and easily cleanable.

Las Delicias, 1414 South St.: 12 demerits for hot hold, test strips, relabel spray bottles, missing label on refrigerated food, provide thermometer for hot hold, proper handwash sink access needed.

Feed Lot, 3813 Northwest Stallings Drive: Nine demerits for discarded one milk product, provide thermometers for cook and freezer, handwash sink access, keep ice scoop stored properly.

Quick Way, 1000 E. Main St.: Nine demerits for chemical spray bottle not labeled, two items on shelf outdated, no thermometer in ice cream freezer, Icee machine needs cleaning, men's bathroom needs cleaning.

The Liberty Bell, 422 E. Main St.: Eight demerits for no sanitizer strips available, several chemical spray bottles not labeled, no date marking in cooler.

JP's Lil Cajun Kitchen, 1403 South St.: Six demerits for clean grease barrel, provide thermometers for all freezers, proper hair restraint needed in food prep area.

Wal-Mart Neighborhood Deli and Bakery Department, 1030 North University Drive: Four demerits for use-by dates needed, provide thermometer for prep freezer.

Crock Pot Annie's, 1008 E. Main St.: Two demerits for hot water did not reach required temperature.

Ice Ice Baby, 2504 South St. STE. 101: No demerits.

Wal-Mart Fuel Center, 1028 N. University Drive: No demerits.

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