Power of Prayer: Finding Strength in Prayer

Sarah Wells is not much different that most 11 year olds. She enjoys school and friends and will play with her two little brothers...when she has too. But Sarah has gone through more than most her age. Two years ago while at her Whitehouse home she complained of a stomach ache. Even today her parents can't really explain why, but the decided to bring Sarah to the Emergency Room at ETMC Tyler. A series of events began to unfold. Doctors and specialists who would not normally be in the hospital late at night were there. In a matter of moments, doctors quickly rushed Sarah to surgery fearing she had a blocked intestine. But that was only the beginning.

"He said its not what we thought at all. Her intestines are black, "remembers Sarah's mother DeAnn Wells. "He started flushing them with saline to save what they could. He said this was going to be so intensive that she has to get to a children's hospital."

Before the next day had arrived, Sarah was in Houston. Doctors there said there was several options, nothing was wrong...or it was not that bad...or.

"Option C, it is really bad and there is a chance she may never have normal functions again. And Option D, you can say your good byes here. And I need you to sign this piece of paper," said DeAnn Wells.

Sarah's intestine had twisted. It is a rare condition that normally happens in young infants or senior adults. It is usually fatal.

The Wells belong small rural church in Mount Vernon. Early on members there began to pray.

"My mom called one of the church ladies," says DeAnn, "I don't even know how the whole thing got started. She called somebody and said Sarah is going to the hospital please pray and from that moment within 24 hours, the best guess we have is about 25 thousand people were praying for her."

It was those prayers that DeAnn believes that gave her and her daughter the strength they needed.

"I don't like blood, I don't like gross things," says DeAnn. "I don't like hospitals, I'm not comfortable there. And I was leaning on her bed saying I can't do this, I'm not this kind of person, I can't be this strong, I can't do this. And heard the Lord is my strength. And I thought shut up...no..no..no nobody is that strong, I can't do this, I can't be here by myself, I can't take care of all the things I think need to be taken care of, alone. And I heard that again, the Lord is my strength. And she (Sarah) woke up and she whispered in this tiny voice that you could barely hear because she had just had her tube taken out, she said there is an angel by your shoulder. And I knew I heard him and from that moment on I never worried again."

After 12 surgeries over four months Sarah finally came back home for good. That was about a year ago. She has at least one more surgery in her future that is scheduled for August. Looking back today this family says it understands just how important the power of prayer can be.

"That was the most amazing thing about her whole adventure to me was, that you know your never alone. But if you tell one Christian to pray theres like a chain reaction," says DeAnn, "there will be people praying for you for the rest of your life."

Clint Yeatts KLTV 7 News