What Kind Of Dog Are You?

If you were a dog what kind would you be? A popular British comedy called 'Gone To The Dogs' has millions of people asking that question. The show is about canine metamorphosis. A man dies, returns to earth as a stray and is adopted by his wife. The show has led to a 'What Dog Are You' test.

Dog trainer Diane Cuff wouldn't mind anyone telling her that she's gone to the dogs. She gets along with them just fine. "We're very similar in how we think and how we feel and how we learn," said Cuff.

Diane says a perfect example is with her daughter Jasmine and canine companion, Pele'. Jasmine said, "Pele' and me we both talk a lot. He thinks he's a big dog and he also thinks that he needs to get his way all the time and I can be just like that."

Diane also sees behavioral similarities with her customers and their dogs. One customer had her hands full with three large dogs. "They don't meet a stranger. They love everybody, so that's kinda the way I am."

Diane says just like people dogs have their own behavioral traits. Take her dog Molly. She loves to play ball on her terms. Cuff laughed while throwing a ball on a hot summer day. "Molly, says, 'No, she's not gonna play'. Too hot for her." While Cricket goes nuts playing ball. Cuff said that shows that,"They're independent. There are patterns to dogs. Dogs are dogs and people are people, but you and I are not exactly alike and if we were both Rotweillers we wouldn't be exactly alike."

Living a dog's life may not be so bad. If you're lucky you'll be in perfect tune with your human. Jasmine and Pele' are. He sings right along while Jasmine plays her flute.

Now if you want to find 'what dog are you?' go to www.gone2thedogs.com Some of us with the East Texas News took the 'What dog are you?' test. Here are the quiz results.

Anchor Leslie Vincent is a Dalmatian, known to be kind hearted, really, really smart and a good problem solver.

Anchor Dan Clouse is a Saluki. Definitely the physical characteristics are different, but they do share a calm nature.

Chief Meteorologist Lee Ringer is a Bergamasco Sheepdog. The Bergamasco has a natural stubbornness. He's devoted to its family, but has a distrust for strangers. His robust nature requires lots of exercise.