Investigation alleges Kirbyville principal killed self after confrontation over affair with secretary

Source: Facebook
Source: Facebook

Kirbyville, TX (KTRE) - A Kirbyville principal killed himself after he was confronted over a romantic affair with his secretary, according to a statement from the school superintendent.

Kirbyville Police Chief Paul Brister released a statement Tuesday, which contained statements given to him by Superintendent Tommy Wallis and Assistant Superintendent Georgia Sayers, regarding the death of high school Principal Dennis Reeves.

Reeves was found dead inside his pickup on May 23 after having turned in a letter resignation during a meeting with Wallis and Sayers.

According to Wallis' statement, he and Sayers met with an employee of the school, who claimed to have had an affair with Reeves while she was his secretary. She said Reeves told her that if their relationship was uncovered he would kill himself and make it look like an accident so the insurance company would pay his family.

Wallis said he and Sayers then confronted Reeves, asking if he had an affair with the employee, to which he said no. Wallis said he then told Reeves he would be placed on administrative leave, pending a district investigation, and Wallis would need Reeves' school keys and computer.

Wallis said he told Reeves that if the investigation confirmed Reeves was lying about the affair, he would be terminated. But if Reeves admitted the affair had taken place, Reeves could resign without an investigation.

Wallis said Reeves said he was resigning, then turned to his computer and typed the resignation letter.

"Dr. Wallis,

I, Dennis Reeves resign my position as KHS Principal effective immediately to pursue other job opportunities. I am thankful for my time and wish nothing but the best for this district."

Wallis said in his statement that Reeves was visibly shaken while signing the resignation. He said he and Sayers then escorted him out of the building and Reeves got into his pickup around 4:15 p.m. Wallis said Reeves then returned about five minutes later and knocked on the outside door. Wallis and Sayers opened the door and Reeves gave them tools from the welding shop.

Wallis said as he began walking off, Wallis heard Reeves tell Sayers, "I am not good" twice and Sayers responded, "I know Dennis."

Wallis said Reeves stayed in his pickup and he became concerned Reeves would confront them so police responded to the school and told Wallis around 5 p.m. that Reeves was dead.

According to Brister, Reeves was found to have his pickup in reverse gear and his foot was on the brake.

Sayers gave a similar statement to Wallis'.

Brister said in his statement the school district has been fully cooperative with the police department.

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