Game Warden shares photo of deer in his truck, warns against trying to 'save' them

Source: James Barge
Source: James Barge

ANGELINA COUNTY, TX (KTRE) - A Texas Game Warden has shared a photo of a fawn in the passenger side of his pickup truck after having picked it up from a person who had been keeping it at his property.

James Barge is using the photo to remind people to leave young deer alone, as this is the time of year they start to wander around and explore.

Barge said he was called out to the Bald Hill area in Angelina County on Tuesday by a resident who said he had been keeping the fawn on his property for several days.

Barge said the man did not intend to do anything illegal so he did not issue a citation. However, having a living whitetail deer without a permit can lead to a $500 fine.

Barge said if someone feels a fawn is in danger, to call a game warden. But the mother is likely nearby, Barge said.

Barge said he took the fawn to a rehabilitation facility to have it examined.

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