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Lufkin seniors show importance of exercise on National Senior Health & Fitness Day

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Dozens of seniors put on their tennis shoes and packed the Angelina County Senior Citizen Center to work out at the same time as seniors across the country.

The 'Get Fit' group works out every Wednesday at the center and is free for anyone to join.

"If there is something they can't do, they do what they can," Sheila Seaman said. "It is strenuous. We sit in our chair, we work our legs, we do a little bit of stretching and work on balance."

The group is made up of people from a wide age range but the exercises that are chosen can work for anyone.

The seniors take in all in with a smile but said don't let the light work fool you they are hard at work.

"It looks easy, but if you are older its hard like I am out of breath right now but it is very good because we are working all parts of the body," Kathleen Crain said. "I have several health problems so it keeps me active and going. I live at a senior center so I take what I learn here and show my friends."

Seaman has taught the class for the past three years and finds inspiration from her 94 year old father that still works out.

"The importance is to keep them moving," Seaman said. "The longer you keep moving, the longer you live."

The exercises can lower the risk of dementia, arthritis and even cancer. They are all risk these seniors say are worth fighting against.

"To me the less you workout then the more likely you are to end up sick," Neal Stephens said. "I stay active. I have a shop where I work everyday.You better stay active because the older you get the harder it is to be active."

The group meets at 10 am every Wednesday at the Angelina County Senior Citizen Center. The class takes 1 hour and is free to anyone who wants ,to join the group.

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