Texas Ranger report on Nacogdoches death provides new information

Texas Ranger report on Nacogdoches death provides new information
Source: Justice 4 Christian Hopson

NACOGDOCHES, TX (KTRE) - The Texas Department of Public Safety released a report Monday from the Texas Rangers. The report contained an in-depth summary of the investigation of Nacogdoches native Christian Hopson's death, in May of 2016.

Christian Hopson was found dead in the home of a Nacogdoches deputy over a year ago. Texas Rangers came in and took over the case, ultimately coming to the conclusion that Hopson died by suicide.

The new report stated that Hopson was found in the deputy's son's room with a gun held in her left hand and bullet wounds on the left temple and right ear. Neither the deputy nor his son were reported to be at home when the body was found.

The report also stated that two autopsies were conducted on Hopson's body - one requested through Nacogdoches County and the other through Hopson's family. Both autopsies concluded that Hopson died by suicide.

According to the Texas Rangers, the investigation revealed no suspects.

Back in 2016, Hopson's co-workers became concerned after multiple attempts to make contact with Hopson but failed.

When a Nacogdoches County Sheriff's Office deputy arrived to his home, he discovered the body.

The report said that an investigating sergeant later recused herself from the investigation because of her history as the deputy's son's ex-wife.

The deputy's son was in a dating relationship with Hopson prior to her death. According to the report, Hopson and her boyfriend met up the day before her death to work out some issues. The report added that the meeting ended in an argument.

A lawyer that represents Hopson's mother has been challenging both outcomes from the autopsies.

"That this is a cover up of epic proportions," said Emmanuel Obi, a lawyer representing Hopson's mother. "That there are folks working very, very hard to keep the truth out. And, that's why we need the Department of Justice, the FBI, some higher level federal investigators to come in here and uncover this and bring justice to the family."

Sheriff Jason Bridges declined to comment and referred reporters to the Rangers' investigation for more information.

Because the deputy is not facing any criminal charges and the death has been ruled a suicide, KTRE has opted not to release the deputy's name.

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