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Gift of Love: Robbie

Robbie is looking for the Gift of Love Robbie is looking for the Gift of Love
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Swinging is Robbie's favorite activity on the playground. We met up with him at Brookshire's Park for an afternoon of fun. 8-year-old Robbie is social, loveable, funny, and curious. Robbie is very active and loves to play outside, swing, jump, and spin. He prefers to play by himself, but will seek out hugs from adults.

"Robbie is a precious 8-year-old boy who loves to swing. He loves to blow bubbles. He's active. He enjoys the outdoors. One of his favorite things to do is to watch and look at fish." Adoption Specialist with Child Protective Services Lori Cox said.

Robbie also likes to swim, got to the zoo and play with any toys with buttons and sounds.

"Robbie is a child that is on the autism spectrum so sensory toys are obviously one of his favorite. He likes anything with sound, large books, soft books, books with buttons to press and play with. His favorite toy is a little computer that he can push buttons on," Cox said.

It would be preferable if Robbie's adoptive family has experience caring for children on the Autism Spectrum.

"He's able to communicate with sounds and body language. He currently has braces on his legs to help a situation with his feet to help straighten those out," Cox said.

Robbie communicates with body language and is working to use one syllable words. A family that knows sign language or would be willing to learn is a plus. He is in a Special Education Program for Children with Disabilities and loves school.

"I would love to see Robbie with a family that is active. Who enjoys the outdoors and has pets or a farm or horses," Cox said.

A family with older children that will play with Robbie would also be a good match.

Robby has waited a long time. He has been in foster care for three years. And so it's our hope that it's his turn," Cox said.

Robbie's turn to find the Gift of Love.

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