Trustees Take Over Nursing Homes

Crestview Villa in Corrigan is one of 13 nursing homes in Texas under new management. Formerly operated by Foremost Care, court appointed trustees will now take over the facilities.

The nursing homes do not have enough money to pay staff or suppliers needed to maintain the facilities.

Don Rogers, spokesperson for the Department of Aging and Disability Services, said, "These folks have extensive experience in the management and operation of nursing homes. They have been nursing home operators [and] they have taken special training."

A judge ordered three trustees to step in and take administrative control of Foremost homes, something that happens when there is an immediate threat to the health and safety of nursing home residents.

The new managers will use a million dollars from an emergency trust fund to carry out the court order.

"I think the folks who have loved ones in these facilities should be well aware that DADS, and the State of Texas, is doing everything possible to ensure that the well-being of these residents is uppermost."

The court also issued a temporary restraining order to keep Foremost Care from interfering with the trustees' performance of their duties.

Only four of the company's 13 nursing homes met payroll obligations on June 30th. Administrators at Hillside Health and Rehabilitation in Wells said they're one of them.

Foremost Care is in Chapter 11 bankruptcy.