Storms Damage Lufkin Businesses And Homes

A storm front moved through East Texas quickly, generating very strong winds along its path.

The thunderstorms hit the Lufkin area around 1:30 p.m. Thursday, blowing over signs, trees, and causing street flooding. The high winds drove the rain across the highways, slowing down traffic all over town.

Many trees were straining to near their breaking point. Some wind gusts were so powerful, the front windows of the new Baskins store on Timberland Drive broke out. The window blew in and knocked a fire sprinkler loose, which added even more water and damage to the store.

The store was evacuated while the sprinkler was shut off. Despite all the damage, nobody was hurt.

The store front was not the only damage reported in Lufkin because of the high winds. Several trees throughout the area were blown down, many onto power lines.

A tree fell onto several power lines just behind the First United Methodist Church on Denman. The damage caused power to be knocked out to several homes in the area.

In other areas, the power was also knocked out, causing signal lights to go out, mostly on the west and south sides of Lufkin.

The thunderstorms also brought lots of rain in a very short time causing some street flooding.

Frank Street in front of Memorial Hospital almost became impassable to cars as the water collected in the road. Much of the traffic moved into the parking lot to avoid the high water.

More effects of the wind could be seen down the road as bundles of pvc pipe were blown off their stacks onto the ground.