Angelina County Jail memorializes Warden Dawson

Angelina County Jail memorializes Warden Dawson
Source: KTRE

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - The Angelina County Jail gardens were dedicated today to the late Jail Warden Greg Dawson.

Dawson, with help from Sherri ff Greg Sanchez, created the idea for an inmate-run garden in 2014. The garden currently provides fresh produce to the inmates, as well as to community groups like the Senior Citizens Center and Salvation Army.

"He would love to be remembered, this memorial today, by the hard work he did here," said Sheriff Sanches. "But, the garden was one of his shining points he was really proud of. And, proud of the inmates too, as well."

Dawson was diagnosed with cancer and passed away last year. According to Angelina County Jail Warden, Stacy Fredieu, he was able to accomplish quite a lot of things in his time in the position.

"We started rebuilding policies, rebuilding use of force, disciplinary, grievance," said Fredieu. "We did all that together. We actually got an RFP together and that's how we ended up with our new medical department."

Fredieu worked with Dawson before coming to Angelina County and remembers the interactions he had with others.

"He never met a stranger," said Fredieu. "He was a great mentor to myself and others. He would take you under his wing and teach you as much as he could. He was just an amazing guy."

The celebration was attended by many who knew and cared about Dawson, including his daughter.

"I feel honored to be his daughter really," said Kallie Dawson. "I didn't know so much of the stuff that he did. I just took it for granted."

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