Deion Sanders helps Van Zandt tornado victims

Deion Sanders helps Van Zandt tornado victims

Cowboys legend Deion Sanders will always have a special place in the hearts of Dallas, but it turns out, there's a special place in Sanders' heart for East Texas. The Hall of Famer owns a house and property in Canton, so he was no stranger to the tornados that ripped through Van Zandt County back in April.

Sanders made a trip to the Sam's Club in Tyler today with the goal to help those still recovering from the devastating tornadoes.

Wtih the same speed that helped him win two Super Bowls and make eight Pro Bowl appearances, Sanders and his two sons had two minutes to rip through the aisles and grab as many items as possible to donate to the tornado victims.

"Giving is everything. We'd rather give than receive for the victims that were devastated. It barely missed us. We're in Canton quite a bit and it barely missed us. We would have been in that boat. We understood that there is a need and if we're blessed enough to help the need, why not?" said Sanders. "I saw it. I was down at an auction while this was transpiring and it was unbelievable. Then we went to the house and were like, 'Lord please secure us, bless us, keep us and protect us.' He did. Just several miles down the street, it was devastation."

All the merchandise Sanders collected added up to almost $10,000. All of which will be shipped out to Canton for the recovery efforts.

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