Counties in South East Texas prepare for Cindy

Counties in South East Texas prepare for Cindy
Source: KTRE

JASPER COUNTY, TX (KTRE) - Jasper County and other counties in South East Texas are currently preparing for tropical Storm Cindy. The system is expected to make landfall early Thursday morning.

The trajectory of the storm caused Jasper County Judge Mark Allen to make a disaster declaration, alerting local officials to the possibility of danger. However, recent events have Allen feeling prepared.

"In April and May, we've had serious rain events," said Allen. "Ten, twelve inches of rain."

Emergency Management Coordinator Billy Smith said that preparations are going smoothly.

"Getting sandbags for those that need it," Smith said. "If they're going to get sandbags, they need to go ahead and do it while it's not pouring down rain."

Jasper County Sheriff Mitchell Newman has alerted his team to remain ready for all possibilities.

"We've got our emergency vehicles filled up, made sure they're cranking, running," Newman said. "And, we've called our personnel and got them on standby in case something does happen."

Newman's advice to his community and others who might experience flooding is to stay off the roads.

"A lot of the times, you drive by a person's house and the water is just about to get in the house," Newman said. "And, you drive by and make a wake, put it inside the house."

There are currently no plans to evacuate Jasper County, according to Allen.

"Some of my counterparts in the south, in some of the southern counties, there is no anticipation of evacuation from there either," Allen said.

Jasper County is an official thoroughfare for hurricane refugees, coming from the south, and Allen said that they are prepared to shelter people for an extended period of time.

"They've got a family with them or their vehicles broke down, we do have a shelter of last resort, our annex," Allen said.

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