Is East Texas Ready?

by Jessica Cervantez

More than four dozen people are confirmed dead and hundreds of others hurt after Thursday's bombings in London. The explosions are once again increasing the focus on local security.

Since the explosions, Nacogdoches city leaders have been keeping close communication with state leaders. They even received classified information just moments before the interview.

Victoria LaFollett-Koenig, the deputy city manager for Nacogdoches, said, "We are always concerned about public safety. We look very carefully at what we're doing and how we're doing it."

Who would think a city of 30-thousand people could be a target for terrorists?

LaFollett-Koenig said, "This is Nacogdoches and we think never here, we hope never here, but you don't ever know."

Across town, travel agencies were busy on the phone, trying to get London visitors back home to East Texas.

Wyndell Westmoreland, a travel agent, said, "They were scheduled to come home Sunday, but decided to come home early. They were scared about future attacks and that they may close airports like they did on September 11th."

But, the bombings are not scaring everybody away from taking trips. This agency had another family leave for London on Friday.

Across East Texas, citizens are being encouraged to stay on the look-out.

LaFollett-Koenig said, "Be vigilant, if you see something that doesn't look right, report it."

City leaders say there are things you can do to ensure safety, but at the same time you need to go about your day to day business.