Jasper County officials: "Dodged a bullet" bracing for Cindy's impact

Jasper County officials: "Dodged a bullet" bracing for Cindy's impact
Source: KTRE Staff
Source: KTRE Staff

JASPER COUNTY, TX (KTRE) - Southern portions of East Texas have been bracing for impact from Tropical Storm Cindy, which has weakened to a tropical depression.

Jasper County received less than three inches of rain, with only minor reports of flooding in some areas, despite early models showing otherwise.

Officials said things could have been much worse, adding that they "dodged a bullet."

"Cindy didn't really come in as hard as we were expecting," said Janie Warrington, the dispatch supervisor for Jasper County. "But we are prepared for anything if it turned into something."

Officials in the county have been prepping for heavy weather for weeks after learning lessons from past hurricanes.

"Preparations for Cindy started way before Cindy was conceived out in the Gulf Coast," said County Judge Mark Allen.
On Thursday, the tropical storm made landfall in Louisiana as it changed its course avoiding Jasper.

As a result, Mother Nature left behind very minor damage which included a one fallen tree and few downed power lines.

"It gave us rainfall, but we didn't get the bad wind that often goes accompanying a tropical storm of that nature, so it was a blessing," Allen said.

Allen enacted a disaster declaration on Tuesday as a precautionary measure due to early storm modules showing an increased threat for their area.

"The longer we go without some sort of event, thankfully, we begin to forget," Allen said. "We begin to lose concern and always need to be mindful that weather event like Cindy, Rita, or Ike could well hit our county and our region any time."    

Authorities said they will continue to monitor Cindy's path until all of the area is without risk.

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