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Nacogdoches good Samaritans help rescue a struggling duck

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(Photo: Susie Carney) (Photo: Susie Carney)
Photo: Susie Carney Photo: Susie Carney
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Photo: KTRE Photo: KTRE

After months of efforts, a couple of good Samaritans from Nacogdoches were able to help a struggling duck.

Almost two months ago, walkers who frequent the trails near the Stephen F. Austin Ag pond noticed a fishing lure pierced in a duck's bill, and ever since they have been working to save the bird.

"To catch a flying duck is very, very hard. And so the process began to get her caught,” said Susie Carney, who helped put rescue efforts along with Linda Byrd.

Carney describes how the duck caught her attention two months ago.

"We were walking around the pond and I happen to see a duck with this lure in her neck,” Carney said.

The duck was soon dubbed the name Hula for the type of lure stuck on her bill.

Soon the good Samaritans started to reach out to the university, game wardens and numerous other agencies, including a Nacogdoches County Judge John Fleming, for help in their rescue efforts.

After efforts by those agencies didn’t pan out, Carney would make her final attempt to rescue the duck, but this time with the help of an SFA parent visiting from Louisiana.

"I tossed him the beach towel. He dropped it on her and grabbed her,” Carney said. “After all of these months of trying to catch her, and all of these nets, and all of these plans, she was caught with a beach towel."

After the dramatic end to the rescue, a veterinarian quickly helped remove the lure from its bill.

“There was evidence that there was a little bit of infection on the mouth, that's why I chose to give it a shot and injection of antibiotic that would last ten days,” said Dr. Stephen Garner, veterinarian.

After months of operation duck finally coming to a happy ending, the good Samaritans said they just couldn’t ignore hula's pain.

"I saw her daily, gosh I going to get tears in my eyes. We just couldn't. She's God's creature,” Carney said.

The duo plan to release the duck on Tuesday afternoon at the lake on Byrd’s home.

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