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Gift of Love: J.J.

J.J. is looking for the Gift of Love J.J. is looking for the Gift of Love
J.J. wants to be adopted J.J. wants to be adopted
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It was a fun afternoon of playing with the animals at Petland for J.J. and me as we held birds and played with all sorts of puppies. It's the top of J.J.'s list of favorite things to do.

"Play with dogs, play with kittens," J.J. said.

This third grader says he loves math. JJ enjoys school but struggles in reading and he will be going into the second grade again next year to help him get on target. He really strives at doing better at school and at home. Also, J.J. is diagnosed with Autism.

As for his future, J.J. wants to be a police officer when he grows up. He also wants to work with animals.

"Kittens, dogs, fish and that's it," J.J. said.

J.J. enjoys the outdoors and playing at the park. J.J. hopes to find an active family that will taking him on many adventures.

"And I want a family that fishes and goes out hunting," J.J. said.

J.J. recently got his own fishing poll. He also enjoys watching others fish and gets excited when they catch a big fish. JJ says he has caught six fish before and likes to catch them and release them back into the water. He says he also likes to watch the turtles and frogs in the water.

Like most boys his age, J.J's favorite thing to eat is, "ice cream and pizza," J.J. said.

As for his forever family, J.J. would love brothers and sisters to play with. But really, he only has one request.

"A nice family," J.J. said.

A family that can show J.J. the Gift of Love.

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